New Song, What’s The Chance?

Written by Josefina Asconapé

Recorded & Mixed by Mark Yoshizumi at Minbal

Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities

Produced by Jim Tuerk


Josefina – Vocals
Jim Tuerk – Acoustic Guitar



What’s the chance in finding somebody?
What’s the chance in finding someone who can fly,
Who can fly by your side, by your side?
And what’s the chance in meeting somebody?
What’s the chance in meeting someone who will love you,
who will love you till you die, till you die?
So you wander,
You travel near and far,
You search for a person,
To make you feel whole,
And you don’t believe in magic,
So you think you must be doomed,
But you never know. I had the chance to find somebody,
I had the chance to find someone who can fly,
who can fly by my side, by my side.

And I won’t let him go for nobody,
I won’t let him go for no one,
Cause he’s mine,
Yes he’s all mine,
He’s mine, he’s mine.

released February 14, 2017

New Song: Modern Girl

He grew up romantic with a mother who left him letters,
Written in an ink dipped feather, full of poems and prose
He grew up pedantic with a father having all the answers,
Reading his books and articles until the day’s close.

When he wandered out, he was looking for love, like anyone,
What he didn’t plan on was to fall in love with a modern girl.

He knows the way to her heart is complicated,
And he knows his intention to court is antiquated,
And sure, he’d be better off pursuing one of those other girls,
But he wants one of the modern girls.

He takes her out dancing, but she wants to hear the hits from the radio,
She doesn’t like his British Invasion or his dusty old soul.
She’s dressed so fancy and she’s caught up in the texting and the picture taking,
Makes him look a little outdated and as pale as a ghost.

When he took her out, he was hoping for love like anyone,
What he didn’t plan on was to fall for a girl he didn’t like at all.


They say you can count on attraction of opposites,
For magnets and batteries, well that’s how it works,
But people, they have to have something in common,
And these two were living in separate worlds.